Knowing when to go on your Tanzania Safari is as important as any other decision you would make in regards to your trip. When it comes to getting the best views, deals, weather, and more, timing is essential.

Most areas in Tanzania are usually warm during the day and cool at night. This is a common experience all year long for these areas.

There are two distinct seasons intending travelers should take note of when making plans:

April – May for the long rains

November – December for the short rains

We usually advise our clients not to book any safari tour during the long rains (April to May) as most safari camps are closed, and the showers might hinder your viewing pleasure. On the other hand, November to December are known for their short rains, and during this time, camps open their doors,and the views are great.


The best time to travel to Tanzania for your safari will depend on what you want to experience.


The national parks are open all year, and they offer a remarkable game viewing experience. The major national parks like the Serengeti, Lake Manyara, Ngorongoro Crater, and Tarangire are highly sought- after destinations all year long. Mind you, these destinations usually get more visitors from June to October.

The best time to climb this iconic mountain is usually between January and March, as well as July and October. The rains are generally little in this period, so a bulk of your outdoor plans would be intact.

For those planning to enjoy their tropical beach holiday, the most appropriate time to visit the Tanzania coast is between June and March. This means you won’t have the rains from April to May, putting a cloud on your days on the beach.

The best time to go on a Migration safari depends on which event you would like to see. 

Just know that the vast collection of wildlife and vegetative landscape in the region provide a year-long ultimate safari experience. 

If you are mainly interested in the crossing, then the Grumeti River crossing usually takes place between May and July at the Western Serengeti. In addition, the Mara River Crossings take place from July to September in the Northern Serengeti. 

Remember that these are just approximate dates from years of research. The Great Migration is an all- year event.