Things To Do In Arusha

One of the popular stops on Tanzania’s Northern Safari Circuit is a small town at the foot of Mount Meru. The town acts as a form of passage to the famous Northern Safari Circuit. Arusha acts as a humble abode that connects you to your intended destination. It doesn’t matter if you are going on safari to the Serengeti, or Ngorongoro, Tarangire, Lake Manyara, or Kilimanjaro National Park, everyone gets to spend at least a night in Arusha. 

This guide gives you a little insight into how you can make the most of your short stay in Arusha. There are lots of activities lined up during your visit. You could take a stroll in the leafy gardens at night, or decide to bask in the glory of the night. Nevertheless, this is not to narrow your vision, and you are free to take advantage of the plethora of options, or just sleep-in. Nevertheless, if you want to see Arusha, the following opportunities will ease your decision making.

Coffee Plantation 

Arusha is in the center of several coffee plantations, and this gives you a first-class seat to see some of the finest coffee earth. Go through the fields at Arusha Coffee Lodge to understand the production process of coffee. You get to see first hand how the dull brown beans are turned into a global phenomenon. You can even take some of the coffee beans with you, and pick up some classic brewing methods.

Go Golfing 

If you love golfing, then the Kili Villas is the perfect destination for you. Play your favorite game on this world-class course in fronts of small wildlife like guinea fowl, dik-dik, and duiker antelope.

Go Shopping 

There are several markets in Arusha that you can take advantage of. We would advise that you check with your lodge to see if they provide a tour of the markets. There are different high-quality products ranging from beading, glassblowing, metal-work, weaving products at Shanga, a local workshop at Trader’s Walk on the grounds of Arusha Coffee Lodge. This workshop prides itself on using recycled materials for its production process. The Soko is also a cool boutique near Shanga that gives you a chance to get some items for your family back home. 

Further than the line, the Cultural Heritage Centre provides a platform for some African artists, and it houses a collection of galleries and boutiques. Go through the collection of your sculptures and more.


Most visitors tend to prefer their meals at the comfort of their lodge. Most of the lodges offer an excellent breakfast and dinner. In terms of lunch, we would encourage you to go on an adventure and try out some of the few restaurants and bars.