What Is The Best Time To Go On Safari In Tanzania? (Include What Is The Best Time To Visit Serengeti?)

If you are planning on going on safari in Tanzania then chances are that you are going to want to make sure that you have the best time possible. What you may not realise about taking a break in Tanzania is that the time of year that you go will have an impact on the type of break that you have.

The good news about going to Tanzania is that there really is no “good” or “bad” times to visit. There are just different weather systems and natural events going on at certain times. To help you even more, we have put together our guide on the best time of year to go on safari.

The Dry Season (Late June To October)

The most popular time of year to visit Tanzania is the dry season. Whilst this may be the most popular time of year, it is with good reason. During this season the animals all head to the watering holes; which means that prey and predators can all be found with ease and are incredibly visible.

If you are keen to see plenty of animals and you don’t mind having to deal with the crowds; then this might be the right choice for you.

The Green Season (March To May)

The Serengeti is a popular national park in Tanzania for both people and for animals alike. This means that it can get busy at certain points in the year. During the wet season, the Serengeti is relatively empty of tourists, which means that you can have a fantastic and intimate experience. It is called the wet season for a reason however, and you can expect rain showers throughout this time period. However, the rain doesn’t ever last for long and whilst it does fall in quite considerable levels, it won’t dampen your holiday.

The Short Dry Season (December To February)

February and March are particularly exciting times in the Serengeti, as it is when the Wildebeest are calving to the south. Not only does this mean that you can see the sweet little babies for yourself, but it also brings in some other creatures in the shape of lions and cheetahs. Whilst seeing them attack their innocent prey might not be for everyone, we do have to say that it is a great spectacle.

As we have mentioned, the important thing to remember about booking a safari in Tanzania, particularly in the Serengeti, is that every time of year is going to ensure that you have the best time possible. Sure, there are plenty of wonderful times of year to go and see the native animals in their natural surroundings, but if you have a particular need in mind, such as it being quiet, or being able to see The Great Migration for yourself, then you are going to need to time your trip accordingly.